Rescue Organizations

 Animal Rescue Center  216-476-0433
 Airedale Rescue  216-251-6684
 Berea Animal Rescue  440-234-2034
 BREW-  Midwest Beagle
 Coalition for Animal Concerns  330-649-0759
 Coast to Coast Dachsund  330-479-7297
 Cleveland Ohio Dog Advocates
 Cute & Cuddly Siamese Rescue  216-739-0705
 Dachsund Rescue Of N. America  330-499-2183
 Erie Shores Humane Society  440-365-7516
 Fido’s Companion Rescue
 For the Love of PITS  216-214-1149
 Geauga Humane Society  440-338-4819
 German Shorthaired Pointer  330-626-4234
 Golden Retriever Rescue  440-238-2457
 GRIN-Golden Retriever  216-556-GRIN
 Greyhound Adoption of Ohio  440-543-6256
 Heaven Can Wait  330-328-8699
 Heart of Ohio Great Pyrenees  330-895-4533
 Humane Society of Akron  330-657-2010
 Husky Havoc  440-785-6694
 Internet Min Pin Service  440-946-9419
 Irish Setter Club of Ohio Rescue  440-238-9507
 Kitten Krazy  440-465-9654
 Japanese Chin  440-840-3100
 Lake Humane Society  440-951-6122
 Lighthouse Boxer Rescue  216-749-2423
 Lorain County SPCA  440-233-6771
 Love-A-Stray  440-933-6326
 Miami Valley Gordon Setter  216-267-9128
 Middleburg Heights Animal  440-239-1961
 National Brittany Rescue  440-884-4996
 NE Ohio Greyhound  440-259-0049
 Northcoast Greyhound  877-NCGC-DOG
 Northeast Ohio Collie  216-625-3647
 Northeast Shetland Sheepdog
 Northeast Ohio SPCA  216-351-7387
 One of A Kind Pet Rescue  330-865-6200
 Ohio Basset Rescue
 Ohio Pet Placement  440-625-1278
 PAWS Ohio  440-442-PAWS
 Place-A-Pet Foundation   216-521-PETS
 Portage APL  330-296-4022
R.E.A.L Rott Rescue  440-567-5236
 St. Francis Animal Sanctuary  440-967-3610
 Save Ohio Strays  440-567-3585
 Second Chance Dalmation  614-313-4848
 Sharpei Savers
 Southern Star Min Pin  330-208-2209
 Team Greyhound Adoption  440-234-3539
 The Sanctuary for Senior Dogs  216-485-9233
 To The Rescue Save Pets, INC.  440-842-7301